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Metal Maniacs Mexico was born in 2014, idealized by Eduardo Doi with the aim of supporting the groups of the underground scene (all aspects of Heavy Metal) in Latin America.

To start this project, friends Cris Oliveira (Brazil) and Carmelita Contreras (Spain) joined. At first the site was more focused on the Brazilian underground scene and all the texts edited in Portuguese, more it was in the year 2017 when Metal Maniacs Mexico changed its face, after the visit of the audio visual producer, Lucas Siqueira of 20 Age Produções from Brazil to Mexico.

In a very friendly conversation between Lucas Siqueira and Eduardo Doi, the latter listening attentively to the advice and ideas of Lucas Siqueira, decides to change the language of the site for Spanish to reach more followers in Latin America. Metal Maniacs Mexico was on the right track, the numbers of visitors to the site increased significantly and the conquest was not only in Latin America, but also in Europe and Asia, reaching Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto RicoUnited States of America, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, France, Korea, Philippines, Australia and Japan.

The conquest is great and we continue to support the international underground scene.

Metal Maniacs Mexico Team

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